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StoneTide is an immersive, open world, pirate action game.

Description[edit | edit source]

Embark on an epic open world pirating adventure, roam the seas and see where it takes you. Build your ship and gather your crew! Blast, fight and loot the corrupted lands and seas of enemy pirates, ghosts, bosses and much more!

Key Features[edit | edit source]

  • Epic ship battles! Immerse yourself in a unique survival action experience that allows you to board, plunder enemy ships and distant Islands with your crew whether they are real players or NPC's you've hired.
  • Gather resources! The world of StoneTide is filled with many rocks, minerals and trees to gather so that you can build your own ship, weapons and armor to fight against the unjustly sea.
  • Explore! There are many uncharted islands to discover on your journey, make sure you setup camp just in case ghost pirates come for you at night.
  • Online PVE and PVP! Explore the seas with your friends in local and online multiplayer!

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