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This page will serve as a basic How to play guide for StoneTide. While there is very little information available at this time, we urge you to check back often, as new information is being added all the time! Feel free to edit this guide with any tips, tricks, and suggestions.

Basic Gameplay[edit | edit source]


The goal of the game is survival, how many day and nights can you survive in the world of StoneTide? As the days increase the harder enemies are to kill and the more they spawn. Craft and plunder for the best gear in the game, hack, slash and survive with your friends! Everything is possible in the world of StoneTide!

Solo Adventure = Single player

Multiplayer = Host or join a online game. (Usually must port forward the port to host.)

Settings = Adjust in-game settings.

Quit = Exits the game.

Report button: Send an email to us instantly explaining or showing the bug you have encountered so we can fix it asap.

Game info button: Opens the wiki.

Discord button: Joins our official channel to chat with us and other players live!

Controls[edit | edit source]

Player Movement:[edit | edit source]

W,A,S,D to move up, down, left and right.

Hold Shift while moving to sprint. (Drains stamina)

Press E to interact with objects and/or NPCs.

Hold Shift + Scroll Mouse button to zoom in and out.

Player Combat:[edit | edit source]

Hold left click to attack anywhere in the mouses direction.

Hold right click to block anywhere in the mouses direction.

Buttons 1 & 2 can be used to trigger abilities once they are available in the blue slots of the action bar.

HUD Control:[edit | edit source]

Drag and drop or right click on items in the inventory to equip or move them.

You can drag items out of the inventory to drop them.

Scroll mouse button to quickly scroll through the action bar and easily change weapons/tools. (Or you can use the numbers on your keyboard 4 - 9 (Will be fixed.)

Ship/Canoe Movement:[edit | edit source]

Using W,A,S,D to turn, accelerate and reverse the vehicle.

Q & R buttons can be used to fire cannons on each side once they are loaded. (Q Left side and R Right side)

Empowering Stones:[edit | edit source]

You collect empowering stones at night only, blue stones (ability ones) are rarer to find.

Blue Empowering Stones: Can be placed on the blue slots of your action bar and be activated to use the ability.

Green Empowering Stones: Can be placed on the green slots of your action bar and be a passive stat boost eg. +30 Stamina.

4 levels of green empowering stones can be found.

Level 1: +10 stat boost.

Level 2: +20 stat boost.

Level 3: +30 stat boost.

Level 4: +40 stat boost.

In-Game HUD:[edit | edit source]

All HUDs labelled.
Inventory tab.
Settings tab.
Equipment tab.
Crew tab.


Red = Aggressive, NPCs will attack anything near.

Orange = Defensive, NPCs will only attack if you or them are attacked.

Blue = NPC's follow you no matter what.

Green = Mercenaries reload cannons when empty, Axeman and Miner gather resources near automatically.

Stats tab:

You can place cannonballs for the mercenaries to use to reload cannons and food/water/health/stamina potions and they will use it automatically to replenish hunger, thirst, health and stamina.

Hire Mercenaries:[edit | edit source]

Hire mercenary NPCs from the recruitment NPC circled on top!

General Store:[edit | edit source]

General store shows the price to whatever action you choose, buy or sell by changing the price when you hover over the buttons.

Trading[edit | edit source]

You can carry crates that are sitting around by pressing e and trade it to another dock for gold once you fill it with resources.

(A good way to make money in-game.)

Trading Crate.png

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